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The Mediterranean Diet

More and more we hear enthusiastic praise for the Mediterranean diet!!! Intrigued by this, I decided to look into it and try to understand why it is on the lips of so many people; journalists, food experts, scholars, doctors and it has even ended up on the list of UNESCO as world heritage. I imagine that in Western culture there is a problem due to the big changes in the way we live; more and more people spend much of their life bound to the chair in the office or in a car and take much less physical activity and so end up less toned and more and more overweight!! We must not forget the constant bombardment, especially from large multinationals, inciting [ ... ]


The 10 most beautiful cities in Italy

How does one decide which are the 10 most beautiful cities in Italy!!! Not an easy task!!! Have you ever tried to make a list of the most beautiful Italian cities? Well I am going to do my very best and hope you are going to be pleased!!! Forgive me if you disagree!! Italians sometime forget that Italy is such a beautiful country, what are the reasons? The reality is that Italy’s beauty is renowned all over the world and from all over the world hungry visitors come to enjoy the lifestyle and its rich artistic heritage and so much more. Here is my list of the 10 Italian cities you must visit: 1: Rome must be the most beautiful city in Italy, the [ ... ]


La Dolce Vita in Le Marche, Italy

Who isn’t looking for “La Dolce Vita” somewhere in the Mediterranean!!! Sun, sea, countryside, mountains, great food and wine and perhaps most importantly, somewhere to switch off!!! If this is something that you have been thinking about for a while, maybe there aren’t many better places to experience this than Le Marche, Italy. Great weather 2/3 of the year, stunning and varied countryside; beaches, rolling hills topped with historic villages, and a breath-taking mountain range. Very friendly people, but don’t forget to say ‘Buongiorno’ to everyone you pass as you stroll around the worderful towns and villages. They are helpful and very eager to help with whatever you want, especially if you try to speak Italian. Laidback lifestyle as you would expect, what [ ... ]