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Giacomo Leopardi – the greatest italian poet

If you try to describe a literary giant and philosopher as Giacomo Leopardi, one cannot but bow down and humbly ask for forgiveness to his greatness. Count Giacomo Leopardi was born in Recanati (Le Marche region), June 29, 1798 in an important noble family and died in Naples on June 14th, 1837, was a poet, philosopher, writer, philologist and Italian linguist. Despite still not sufficiently known in the rest of the world, he’s considered the greatest Italian poet of the nineteenth century and one of the most important figures of world literature, and also one of the major literatures of the period of romanticism. His inspiration sensationalist and materialist established him as a philosopher of considerable depth.  The list of his works [ ... ]


Truffles of Acqualagna – the italian most famous truffles

Acqualagna, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, is the most well-known centre in the Marche region for different types of truffles. Already known and appreciated since Greek and Roman times, truffles have enriched food and are considered by many to be one of the most delicious products that the earth could offer. There are four types of truffles in this area: Tuber Magnatum Pico         The most famous and expensive truffles in the market. Round in shape, the exterior is usually quite smooth and yellow or white in colour. It has an aromatic and strong smell and is most digestible. It is eaten raw, being finely sliced on various dishes. The National White Truffle Fair of Acqualagna generally takes place in the [ ... ]


Vincisgrassi – A typical italian delight

When I was a child at traditional festivals or important family events one of the unmissable treats was vincisgrassi. I still have very clear memories of my mother busy with flour and eggs in the preparation of the dough whilst the ragù had happily been boiling in the pot for a long time. Vincisgrassi is a version of lasagna typical of Le Marche, and like any old recipe, its variations are many and every housewife has a personal and often secret one which is passed down through the family. As with all the various types of lasagna the dish is most appetising but perhaps not for those watching the calories! Vincisgrassi is said to have been a prepared in honour of [ ... ]