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I met these two very special people some time ago, and as all the other visitors I fell in love with their objects and their skills.
Wanted to write about them and let people out there know about Yvone and Giancarlo of Argyla in Grottammare.
Few words of their past, a short story, and how they got there. I only translated, living it as raw as I could. Hope you enjoy the story and what they do. 

    DSC_9646  About us: Yvonne Rosetti, born in San Benedetto del Tronto. Giancarlo Livori, born in Naples. Two coasts, two seas, two different past, one territory, one purpose: to make something of their experiences and knowledge in a world where to reinvent or recycle oneself, and to restart is the paradigm of everyday life.
Children of the present days we felt “comfortable.” Yvonne took a Diploma from the Art Institute of Ascoli Piceno, then graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stage Design Of Urbino with a thesis on Photography. Some of her excellent photography  work has been published in magazines and a book that brought together great work from various artists.
DSC_6950Giancarlo took a Diploma as dental technician, he was told at middle school “suitable for technical studies”.
“Thanks to them I was given the opportunity to learn modeling”. After that he graduated in Architecture at the University of Pescara.

What we do: ceramics. We create our pieces with a primitive technique, the Columbine, salamis of clay arranged and stacked to create various forms. Each piece is unique and irregular. But also reproducible as sometimes, for a small number of pieces, we make a plaster mold. A serial reproduction, but handicraft.  The molds do not last more than a few dozen pieces. So once its life work completed we start again with something new. Sometimes objects are white, sometimes decorated. The decoration, is applied with primitive techniques, ie. in engobe with colored earth with oxides or other soil of different colors.
DSC_9699A raw decoration: the forms are still raw when decorated biscottate and then only to suffer a second firing process for glazing with non-toxic colors which will protect them. Each object is characterized by a surprising lightness. Every time someone tries to take over our instinctive object applies a force that is not needed. As it happens the lightness of our creation most of the time “mislead ” our visitors.  Surprised they fall in love.

Where we are: the laboratory is located in Grottammare  Alta (the old town), a medieval town on a hill facing the sea.
As soon we visited the space where we have or laboratory, looking at the Adriatic sea through the window, we felt that it was the right place and we fell in love with the place.
It was a bit like us: shabby, but we liked it . All the charm in an old yellow brick building. Wood-beamed ceiling welcome you, and it feels comfortable. DSC_1928b An old fireplace. We left it as it was. A little ‘make-up, a few shelves, a table made of boards on wooden trestles.
A leather chair 1950s style, two old wooden tables is the exhibition space. A table, also with wooden planks on trestles, metal shelves, plaster molds, lands, glazes, kiln is the laboratory itself.

Amazing, isn't it? If you think so, why don't you come to visit Le Marche? I enjoy organising different outings to help visitors to experience the wonders of Le Marche. Please email me at for more info.

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