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The Mediterranean Diet

More and more we hear enthusiastic praise for the Mediterranean diet!!! Intrigued by this, I decided to look into it and try to understand why it is on the lips of so many people; journalists, food experts, scholars, doctors and it has even ended up on the list of UNESCO as world heritage. I imagine that in Western culture there is a problem due to the big changes in the way we live; more and more people spend much of their life bound to the chair in the office or in a car and take much less physical activity and so end up less toned and more and more overweight!! We must not forget the constant bombardment, especially from large multinationals, inciting [ ... ]


Vincisgrassi – A typical italian delight

When I was a child at traditional festivals or important family events one of the unmissable treats was vincisgrassi. I still have very clear memories of my mother busy with flour and eggs in the preparation of the dough whilst the ragù had happily been boiling in the pot for a long time. Vincisgrassi is a version of lasagna typical of Le Marche, and like any old recipe, its variations are many and every housewife has a personal and often secret one which is passed down through the family. As with all the various types of lasagna the dish is most appetising but perhaps not for those watching the calories! Vincisgrassi is said to have been a prepared in honour of [ ... ]


Maccheroncini of Campofilone: a traditional pasta

When you think about the countries in Europe with a large production of different foods and fine wines, Italy is certainly one most likely to come to mind. It is the wide variety of dishes, flavours and scents that originate in this wonderful land that makes talking about food and wine a complex task. Being a big fan of the Marche region, today I will introduce you briefly to one of the many culinary delights that this region offers to us: the maccheroncini of Campofilone which bears the designation of IGP (Indication of Protected Origin). Translated to English this becomes PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) The term geographical indication indicates an origin mark which is awarded by the European Union to those [ ... ]