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Summer Jamboree – International music festival

The Summer Jamboree in Senigallia is an international music festival based on the culture and music of the nineteen fifties and sixties. It is considered the most important festival of its kind in Europe and one of the most important in the world. It is not unusual to attract up to one hundred thousand visitors which makes it a truly atmospheric and buzzing occasion. It started in 2000, conceived and organized by the Cultural Summer Jamboree with the support of the town council of Senigallia. The first Festival was only for one day and consisted of performances by four groups. In 2003 it was christened the Summer Jamboree and in 2005 became the most important festival of its kind in Italy. The Summer [ ... ]


Fiera Di San Martino in Grottammare.

In England the 11 November is Remembrance Day where we remember those who gave their lives to ensure that we would have a free world to live in. Throughout much of the rest of the world though, 11 November is more commonly known as St Martin’s day, Martinmas or The Feast Of St Martin Of Tours. St Martin (San Martino here in Italy) is famous for originally being a Roman soldier who was baptised as an adult and later went on to become a monk. As legend has it, San Martino stumbled upon a shivering beggar during a particularly fierce snowstorm. Despite being cold himself, San Martino tore his cloak in half and draped one half of it over the [ ... ]


Huge Halloween Events In Corinaldo, Le Marche

Halloween is here again. The time of the year when we crack out the ghost stories and confectionary manufacturers milk our wallets so we can pile our neighbours’ kids full of sweets when they come knocking at our doors dressed as witches and superheroes. So what are your plans for halloween this year?  Are you and/or your kids going to be dressing up and going door to door shouting ‘TRICK OR TREEEEAT!’ in the hope of being rewarded with handfuls of sweet things? Or are you going to be sat on your roof with water balloons ready to pelt anyone who dares come to your door? Maybe you’re going to turn all your lights out, head to bed early and [ ... ]