Possibly the 10 best wines from Le Marche!!

wine-wallpapersThere are many variations between different cultures and countries when it comes to food and wine.  But few people would disagree on the importance of food, wine and the dining experience at the Italian table. So, where to start?

Le Marche like the rest of Italy, offers a huge range of fantastic local food so eating out isn’t an expensive custom. You can enjoy a large variety of the finest local fish or meats and an absolute ‘must’ from the long list of different pasta dishes on offer is the very famous “maccheroncini di Campofilone?  So, what about the wines from Le Marche?

Large quantities of great wines are produced in the region, and they are now becoming well known throughout much of the world. As you would expect, making one choice isn’t easy! How can you decide between one great wine and another?

Of course, affordability generally dictates our choice but let me assure you that even the house wine (vino della casa) offered by most restaurants is generally really very good as well as being easy on the pocket.  One reason for this, perhaps, is the fact that Italians very rarely have a meal without wine, and another must be that Italy is still one of biggest producers of wine in the world.

What would I recommend?

A basic rule is that the wine has to be as light as the meal, or as full bodied as a strong meat requires. Therefore if you are enjoying some of the delicious local fish, why not wash it down with one of the following local whites, like the world famous Verdicchio, or the well-loved Passerina, Pecorino, or even Falerio or Marche bianco. One last thing however, don’t get fooled into thinking that just because they are white, they won’t be strong: most of them are around 13% to 14% proof.

vignetiLet’s now consider some of the great red wines from Le Marche, and remember the basic rule, the heavier the meal, the stronger the wine. These will all go well with the huge variety of pasta or meat dishes offered either in the countryside, or closer to the mountainous regions of Le Marche.  Some of the best reds are produced here, like the Marche rosso IGT,  Rosso Piceno Superiore or Conero. If you fancy a real treat and are prepared to pay a little bit more, a ‘must try’ is the Kurni, generally considered to be one of the best Italian reds.

The most important thing to do though is to savor the dining experience: eat some superb meals accompanied by some excellent local wines, surrounded by some great views, a blue sky and beautiful weather.  This is the ‘dolce vita’!

Amazing, isn't it? If you think so, why don't you come to visit Le Marche? I enjoy organising different outings to help visitors to experience the wonders of Le Marche. Please email me at info@surprisingitaly.com for more info.

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